Create return and refund orders

Depending on your return policy, you may need to create a return order for a customer to return purchased items and refund the customer’s payment. By quickly and efficiently refunding orders, you demonstrate your commitment to customer service and can encourage customers to order again. In the woocommerce admin page, you can create and manage return orders, send shipping instructions and return labels to customers, track returned items, return checked items to inventory, and refund payment to customer.

Create a return order for an order.
You can create return orders to help manage items that customers want to return. After you create a return order, you can send your customers any return order shipping information and track the return order. Use the Orders page to manage all return orders by filtering by return order status. After receiving and inspecting the returned items, you can make a refund and restock the eligible items.
If you purchased a shipping label for your order but haven’t used it yet, cancel the label value before creating a return order.

If you create a return order by mistake or the customer changes their mind about the return request, you can cancel the return order created. You can only cancel a return order in the following cases: Returned orders have not been refunded. Returned orders have not been returned to the warehouse. Return orders are open and not marked as returned. Returned orders do not have a return label.

When you refund an order, you’ll send the payment back to the customer. You can refund all or part of your order. You can also refund an order without creating a return order, but you cannot create a return order after a refund has been made. In some cases, you can cancel your order and get a refund.
During the refund process, you can return the item to the warehouse and send an email notification to the customer. If there are no payments to be refunded, you can return the item to the warehouse from the order.

Return the order to the warehouse If none of the payments need a refund, you can return the items to your inventory without creating a return or refund order.
Mark your order as returned After you create a return order, receive the items from the customer, and refund the payment, the order is complete. If you choose to return items to stock during the refund process, the order will automatically close. If the items are not returned to the warehouse, you can mark the order as returned after receiving the item from the customer.
Review the transaction history of the order The detailed transaction history for the order is displayed in the Timeline section of the order dashboard, the transaction history will include return orders, refunds, and return information.

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